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another Sunday

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“Hey everybody I'm sick but let's power through this ok. In the upper corner Leroy is presenting a necklace in a box to Loreta. He is looking come off to the side. She's got her hand clasp and their saying Oh Leroy it's just what I wanted. You kept the receipt. In the lower left they're in the bathroom Leroy's in a bath robe and he's drying his hair Loreta is looking on the sink and she's saying at least you have 5 less gray hairs now. He counted folks. In the middle panel that at the bowling alley which is beautifully done and this is the first time I've ever seen Loreta in pants. They were in matching bowling polos(?) which their names apparently on over the ___ their their you know their breast pocket area there but the ovals are empty they don't say Leroy and Loreta it could maybe we were just really far away. Anyway the caption reads you realize this is not closest to the pin contest that's Leroy talking to Loreta who is standing at the front line looking kinda. In the upper corner here Loreta is talking to an ___ type of person but you know flipping her hair ___ type person does. So it's not a straight up in the tub anyway and she scrawling over her shoulder because Leroy is talking to another man and they're both singing Easy Chairs and Leroy is saying to the other man can you think for 1 minute you understand woman. You have a time to got right. In the bottom corner there they're out of restaurant well it says Golden Dolphin Diner written backwards in the window of course. They're sitting in a booth and there's a guy mopping the floor. He has a wonderful mustache. There's another guy just standing checking his watch holding a menu wearing a vest. Leroy is working on something with the skull(?) on his face and Loreta is saying they're about to close Leroy when are you going to give up on finishing that placement fees. I like at there at the Golden Dolphin. It makes me think there in Chicago. There used to be a chain of restaurant called something in Chicago but then they sold them so now are you seeing a lot of Golden Blake restaurant in Chicago. There's the Golden Apple and the Golden Nugget. Maybe there is the Golden Dolphin. Hey did you guys read about the Pink Dolphin in the news? If you didn't see it Google that man Pink Dolphin. I'm rambling.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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