lockhornsaloud (lockhornsaloud) wrote,

some day we'll find it, the mafia connection...

255K 1:18
“Text(?) today, they are being lead by a matrody(?) through Cassis Bistro. You could tell that cos it's written on the menu underneath the matrody's(?) arm. He has a wonderful mustache. His eyes are close as he guides them to the restaurant. There's another one with her eyes closed in the lower right corner. Just giving us the more of the background of the restaurant. They're leaving, they're ___ to the restaurant and Ronald say to Leroy, when you said our money was no good here, for a second I thought he had checked our credit. Now what did they do to this such VIP's at Cassis Bistro that their money is no good here folks. Think about that. There's a restaurant in my town in Downers Grove Illinois, ___ shout out but I always expecting it was run by the Greek mafia. Is Cassis Bistro run by the Greek mafia or some other mafia and that's why the lock horns are being swept through, are they going to be asked to do a favour that they cannot refuse? This I don't know but let's keep our eye on it.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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