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Generic Beer!

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“You guys we're ready studying in his easy chair and he is relax. He's so drunk that is I'd look out sort of crazy and his mouth is the way do you want any has nose actually colored it black. It's not just red it's actually black it's gonna around that bend. We're all studying their great ___ are arms cross from the bench. He's surrounded by their chance and it's toasting you at once. But I have a little exerts(?) coming out of it. I don't know why and he's saying we were about to go faster freshness date. Now I should say that the beer can instead the word beer printed on them. You can't remember the generic beer back window was generic everywhere nobody's can beer that were yellow and just said beer them then mash printing letter in a like stands up pretty good says beer on them so that's the beer that we were have yet that beer is well precious fresher date coz that have the ___ or maybe when it's seven generic beer.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
Tags: drunk
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