lockhornsaloud (lockhornsaloud) wrote,

would be funnier if I said "Get a job, *bitch*" but I can't, I'm at work

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“So the lock hunter is sitting inside the office of Ted Sklar(?) attorney at law that's Sklar(?) S K L A R. Ted Sklar(?) has just dots her I's not hollow dots she's not little orphan Annie folks she just has little dots for I's. She's sitting behind a desk in a high swivel chair with a piece of paper in his hands the lock hunter in a wooden chairs in front of him and Loretta is saying. She's saying if anyone can test her will Leroy it will have to be in small claims court. Leroy's giving her the stink eye and I think he's thinking get a job you know get a job how about that get a job.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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